In My Own Voice Arts Association

What We Do

Youth Engagement

iMOVe engages youth from geographic and cultural communities across the HRM with a variety of arts & technology based programs

Community Development

iMOVe takes a grassroots approach to community development, providing space and support to residents, community groups & non-profits who wish to have positive impacts in their neighborhood

Participatory Media

iMOVe puts media in the hands of the people, providing training experiences and broadcast opportunities using audio, video and Internet technologies so that All the Voices in the community are heard

Restorative Solutions

In its approach, iMOVe offers restorative solutions to problems of community conflict and public safety, providing programs for offender reintegration and restorative justice.


Our Story

In January 2009, Sankofa Films, an independent film production company, began delivering community & prison-based programs for marginalized youth called In My Own Voice (iMOVe). Drawing on the expertise and support of many service providers and community volunteers, iMOVe made one promise to the youth and the communities it was working with - their voices were important and would be heard. iMOVe youth quickly gained experiences never before enjoyed—being interviewed, standing on both sides of a video camera, hosting radio shows, witnessing the other side of the law without fear of reprisal, conferring with government officials, and cultural change activists. Wherever they have gone, they have presented their unique perspectives and their life experiences with candor and dignity. iMOVe approaches youth engagement and community development from the bottom-up. We meet people where they are, and provide them with the tools for building a strong sense of self within their own communities. We offer an inclusive and comfortable environment for people to explore and express their creative passions, identities and opinions. We believe in and apply restorative and harm-reduction approaches to suit the needs of the people who choose to engage with us to have positive impact with our community.

  • Location

    In 2010, the former C.A.U.S.E. group in Uniacke Square partnered with iMOVe and the Halifax Regional Police to open Centreline Studio at 2439 Gottingen Street. When C.A.U.S.E disbanded, iMOVe partnered with the community on a volunteer basis to keep the Studio running. In April 2014, iMOVe opened the Uniacke Centre for Community Development on the first floor of the Studio building, and setup a computer lab and meeting/workshop space on the second floor for everyone in the neighborhood to access and use.

  • Board of Directors

    In 2013, iMOVe became a registered non-profit society in Nova Scotia. Our Board of Directors include: Donald Clairmont (Chair), Robert Wright (Vice Chair), Sylvia Parris (Treasurer), Robin Trail and Dolly Williams.

  • Funders

    iMOVe has received funding and contributions from the following agencies and organizations to run its programs and projects: United Way of Halifax, NS Department of Culture and Heritage, Centre for Entrepreneurial Education and Development, March of Dimes, and the NS Department of Justice

  • Partners

    iMOVe partners with many organizations on special projects and programs including Ryakuga Grassroots Communications, The Mikmaq Legal Support Network, The North End Business Association, Youth Art Connection, Halifax North Memorial Library, and The Black Educators Association